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The Twenty-ninth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, the
Thirty-fourth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the
Thirty-fourth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Thirteenth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A)

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013
212.431.5127 | 431.6430
fax 212.431.4486

all shows 9pm , (Dec. 21 @ 6pm)

Thursday 12   Christian Eloy

His electroacoustic work claims to introduce expressionism and emotion even in this kind of music and he is in the French GRM tradition of playing and interpreting his music on a multi-channel diffusion system

Friday 13   Al Margolis

and friends, will provide drones, tones and visions - performing I, Angelica, Double Loop, and one (or two?) more compositions for your dining, drinking and dancing pleasure will be Al (tapes, loops, electronics, +), Dan Andreana (accordion, +), Detta Andreana (organ, loops), Chris Burchell (trombone), Dr. George O'Meara (synthesizers), and Sarah Weaver (trombone); Eye candy visuals provided by Seana Biondolillo

Sunday 15   Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen

Mechanique(s) focus on a relationship of prepared sound and extended techniques to the electronic - Hans' sounds are extreme, torturing noise scrapings, a journey through the land of unending sonic operations and an infinite index of metals; Dafna micro-samples, alters delay times, filters and pitch-shifts and dissects sound and musical gesture to constantly shift aural focus and perspective

Monday 16   Bruce Gremo

Solo improvisations on shakuhachi, flute, xun, and power-books; pitch-tracking intensive computer applications (MSP) which use the acoustic instruments to drive hybrid synthesis processes; drone inspired statistical lyricism / koan inspired breath

Tuesday 17
  Nick Didkovsky

An extravaganza - Nick Didkovsky's music for strings! featuring the Sirius String Quartet arrangements of some of Dr. Nerve's greatest hits and "Tube, Mouth, Bow, String" for quartet with talk-boxes and expression pedal

Thursday 19   Amnon Wolman

A new immigrant around 1903 was taken to see the Zoo in Central Park, he stood in front of the giraffe's cage for ten minutes, then turned away and said "there is no such animal" - the power of denial; electronic, instrumental and live sounds with Amnon and friends

Saturday 21   Phill Niblock

Six hours of music and film/video, for his 69th winter solstice, with some guest performers; the days will get longer from now on, or at least until June 21; this concert begins at 6pm, and lasts until 12am

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