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The Twenty-eighth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, the
Thirty-third Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the
Thirty-third Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Twelfth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part Two (or B)

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013
212.431.5127 | 431.6430
fax 212.431.4486

all shows 9pm ,

Monday 4   Guy De Bievre

Crossroads/Invocation for live microphone feedback and real time DSP

"If you want to learn how to make songs yourself, you take your computer and you go to where the road crosses that way, where a crossroads is. Get there be sure to get there just a little 'fore 12 that night so you know you'll be there. You have your computer and be playing a piece there by yourself. A big black man will walk up there and take your computer and he'll install new drivers on it. And then he'll play a piece and hand it back to you. That's the way I learned to play anything I want"

Tuesday 5   Jim O’Rourke

. . . . and john travolta in "up<---->up"; film and "music" from o'rourke which will appeal to all who own demagnetizers, and other gardening enthusiasts

Wednesday 6   Anne Wellmer

travelling barefoot / mappings#3: journey with an interactive improvising map; with matt bauder sax + objects, chris dahlgren double bass + preparations, anne wellmer powerbooks; visuals: boris gerrets, justin bennett, aw; voices: vilem flusser, doretti neander

Friday 8  
Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa, a memorial fellowship named for the Portuguese Intermedia Artist, sponsored by the Luso-Americana Foundation and the Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, coordinated by Isabel Alves, presents an intermedia performance:

Elga Ferreira

"UnReal", an interactive installation, where the user feels (by the senses) and interacts with a virtual environment that makes them feel their post-biologic condition

Sunday 10   Michael Northam

Acousmatician/improvisor/nomad presenting his extended sound lattices developed over the last year in Oregon and France, interjected with live manipulations of carillion, chimney cleaner, cactus, obsidian and other sonic debris

Monday 11
  Nicolas Collins

Sled Dog -- music that shimmers, glimmers and shakes; with a brief but essential appearance by Robert Poss on acoustic guitar

    Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, the Phaedrus Foundation, and The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

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