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The Thirtieth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, the
Thirty-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the
Thirty-fifth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Fourteenth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A)

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013
212.431.5127 | 431.6430
fax 212.431.4486

Dec 21 at 6pm, all others at 9pm,

Sunday 14   Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta

Three concerts overlapped: BHLEG (2004), for transversal flute and Virtual Reality; SETI (2002), music for extraterrestrial sounds and Virtual Reality (sounds captured by Astronomical Observatories); YARNAM (2001), also with projection of works on Man Ray

Monday 15   Kaffe Matthews

"one of the few acoustic/electronic free-improv artists who can hold her weight in salt" Hrvatski; back at the loft for live quadraphonic sculpting in space, surprisingly dense to delicate, made by her processings of a theremin in the room

Tuesday 16   Peter Zummo and Tom Hamilton

Slybersonic Tromosome - 10 years later; 2 or more artists; Non-GM electroacoustic for the times we're in; titles announced on-site only

Wednesday 17   Mary Jane Leach

Her spiel/horspiel - pieces about churches and witches

Thursday 18   David Behrman

a new realization of "My Dear Siegfried,...", for voices, shakuhachi, trombone and a double laptop music system. The new version makes use of techniques that were not available a few years ago when the piece was first performed. With Thomas Buckner, Ralph Samuelson, Peter Zummo and Eric Barsness

Friday 19   Okkyung Lee

solo cello set by "noise maker" okkyung lee, known for her "slashing style" (timeout ny); be there to challenge her in exploring unknown territories of sound

Sunday 21   Phill Niblock

Six hours of music and film/video, for his 70th winter solstice, with some guest performers; the days will get longer from now on, or at least until June 21; this concert begins at 6pm, and lasts until 12am

    Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Phaedrus Foundation

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