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Phill Niblock - 2017 Events

Experience a performance by a pioneer of experimental film and sound
​The third night of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition is dedicated to a special live performance by pioneering artist and musician Phill Niblock, who was pivotal in defining the intermedia approach of the 1960s and 70s.

Jan 21 - SKOP in Frankfurt a Main, Peter Wiessenthaner peter@wiessenthaner.de
SKOP Event - images and music III - Phill Niblock, NY, 5 hours music and film, January 21, 2017, 8:00 o'clock until 1:00 o'clock, at Pupille, Mertonstraße 26-28, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
A tour in Portugal for Phill Niblock, supported by the Fellows of the Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa, a 20 year residency program for Portuguese Artists in NY:
Jan 24 at Gnration, Praca de Agrolongo 123, Braga Portugal, www.gnration.pt
Jan 26, 10pm - Porto at Passos Manuel - www.passosmanuel.net and www.facebook.com/events/240033889764090/ Rua Passos Manuel 137
, 4000 385 Porto

Jan 28, Lisbon, at ZDB, www.zedosbois.org
Feb 1 - 5  St Petersburg Russia
Feb 11 - Poitiers France  - Festival Bruisme  matthieu@jazzapoitiers.org   www.jazzapoitiers.org
Feb 13, Nantes, France, at Platform / APO33, MOPW installation

Phill Niblock at The Tate Modern
The Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG   www.tate.org.uk

Feb 25, Saturday, 8PM, NYC, Performances by Phill Niblock and Daniel Neumann, benefitting Planned Parenthood, at Collider Studio — 54 Franklin St. #2F in TriBeCa, New York, $10

Sunday 26 March, 7pm: Live performance of Environments III (100 mile Radius, 16mm) and Environments IV (Ten Hundred Inch Radii, 16mm film) and Music, with live musicians and dance, 2.5 hours, entrance fee
Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March, 10am-6pm: Installation of triple digital projection (Environments II, III and IV) and Music by PN
Tate Music Live Program, the 26th
Ronet - Neil Leonard, tenor saxophone
First Out - David First, guitar
Surge 2 - Thomas Ankersmit, analog synth
V&LSG - Lori Lixenberg and Guy De Bievre, voice and lap steel guitar
Elisabeth Schilling, dance
On the 26th, doors at 6, performance 6:30-9pm

May 16 - Brooklyn Music School
, shared gig with Byron Westbrook, presented by Brooklyn Music School and Ben Manley; 126 St Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

May 20 (8pm) - Lampo in Chicago, Two Hours of Phill Niblock, with Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello, live; The Graham Foundation, Madlener House, 4 West Burton Place, Chicago, Illinois 60610, Lampo.org

June 4 (1 - 7pm) Montreal - Bozzini String Quartet at Suono di Popoli, LA SALA ROSSA  4848 St.Laurent, Montréal, Qc

June 8 - 10 - Torino Italy
    June 8 - 
Conservatory Concert Hall
    June 9 -
Superbudda (installation of MOPW, with concert)  superbudda.com
    June 10 -
Museo del Cinema (movies and concert) Curated by Stefano Bassanese

June 12  Milano,  Sergio  Sorrentino, sergiosorrentinoguitarist@gmail.com,
    June 3 - 12  - 
Niblock in prison, in Udine Italy - pieces played in a prison - Antonio Della Marina  the 2017 edition of Il Suono in Mostra, sound art festival in Udine 3 - 12 June (PN not present)

June 23 - Bilbao, at Azkuna Zentroa  - azkunazentroa.eus/az/ingl/home
Enrike Hurtado Mendieta enrikehurtadomendieta@gmail.com  
July 3 - 9 - Sajeta Festival
in Tolmin Slovenia, janez@sajeta.orgo

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