Concerning the playing of PN’s Five More String Quartets in Oxford England By the Ensemble - Apartment House, in September 2011:

On New Music Box, the online magazine published by the American Music Center, Phill Niblock is interviewed by Frank J. Oteri. The December issue.
Phill Niblock: Connecting the Dots

The period of this front page article was December 2010. The interview will be permanently archived with this reference -

I just did a live radio broadcast / interview in Berlin (March 20) for
The interviewer was Michel Freerix.

It is archived here: 88.4 FM Berlin free cultural radio from Berlin!

Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit interviewed by The Wire On Air (Derek Walmsley)
On Resonance FM London – (archived).
Full details:

Carlos Casas and Phill Niblock at the Torino Italy Film Festival

Hangar Bicocca, Milan, a multimedia event with Nelly Boyd Ensemble playing Phill Niblock's music while the Movement of People Working is shown on screen.

Phill Niblock's "Three Orchids" played by Trio Scordatura - Amsterdam: Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob Gilmore, keyboards (Slimmed-Down Version) at a concert in England about a year ago, and the organizer has posted a video of the whole thing online!

Clean Up @ EI - A short film on

Video documentation from a concert at the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, October 9 2009:

The YouTube - Roulette session - the best example of a performance situation of the music and films of Phill Niblock on the web:
also see:

An excerpt from the Extreme label DVD of Phill Niblock's "The Movement of People Working", which is distributed by Microcinema and also sold by

Wikipedia, Phill Niblock, written by Bob Gilmore;

Ensemble Klang and Trio Scordatura, excerpt of performance of "Three Orchids" in The Hague
and of Tow by Tom with the Nellys!

Ensemble Phoenix in Basel, performance with Kasper T Toeplitz playing electric bass:

YouTube - PHILL NIBLOCK at Lampo, Chicago - Recorded on December 06, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Paris Transatlantic, Bob Gilmore interview in London, January 2007, just after a Sketch Gallery opening:

An Art Forum review of the Anthology Film Archives Tribute, on October 1 2008 (PN 75th birthday special) with pictures, at:

look at: cool interview with Phill Niblock here:

des drones par millier sur fragil… interview de phill niblock ici :
same interview as above, in French

A radio program broadcast and on the web, prepared by Isaac Diego Garcia, in Madrid, Spain, and in the Spanish language. The broadcast and webcast were on March 19 2010.

A radio feature on Phill Niblock, with two pieces of music, and commentary (Poure and Hurdy Hurry).

Radio Clasica -

It is archived here -

You can listen to and download the program about Phill Niblock and drone music here: or feed:

A broadcast on Spanish Radio about Experimental Intermedia (in Spanish) produced by Isaac Diego García Fernández during a residency at EI in NY

Ars Sonora – 08 mayo 2010
Experimental Intermedia Concerts: Olivia Block y Chantal Dumas

A través de una conversación con el musicólogo Isaac Diego García Fernández, que ha trabajado como investigador en la Experimental Intermedia Foundation de Nueva York, exploramos el ciclo de conciertos que allí se celebran dos veces al año. En particular nos referiremos a la última edición de 2009, y presentaremos trabajos de Olivia Block (“Untitled”) y Chantal Dumas: (“s/t w/t” y “Mécanique du quotidien – Fragments (Les petits riens)”).

BLOCK: Untitled (frag.) (16’17’’). A. Acierto (cl. y cl. bajo), A. Lee (cl. y cl. bajo), J. Sinton (cl. bajo), E. Dicker (vl.), M. Evans (perc), O. Block (electrónica en vivo). Chantal DUMAS: s/t w/t (9’43’’). Mécanique du quotidien – Fragments (Les petits riens) (frag.) (9’10’’).

Archivo Sonoro
You can download the podcast here: (go to Entradas Recientes – Ars Sonora – 08 Mayo 2010) or feed:

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