What's Happening?

Phill Niblock

January 2 2012, from 8pm, Santos Partea House, 90 Lafayette Street, below Canal
The official website, but we are not on it - santospartyhouse.com

This time Santos is Closed is inspired by Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya's NYE party, where invited guests give short presentations of things they are working on or of something to set the tone for the new year. The setup should be simple. The duration between 20 seconds and 12 minutes.

Here are people who confirmed:
Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya, Laeticia Morais, Sabisha Friedberg, Byron Westbrook, Bryan Eubanks, Spencer Sweeney, Jeff Burton and Daniel Neumann, Jared Mezzochi, and others

At the door you will be greeted with: Santos is Closed. And you respond with: One step forward. That's the password to get in.

Saturday, January 7th, 9 pm, at Experiemntal Intermedia, 224 Centre Street

Real-Time Variations: Live Visuals in Improvisation with Live Sound and Music
Katherine Liberovskaya: live video, Phill Niblock: live sound collage, David First: live guitar and laptop.

An evening of live images and improvised sounds presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Katherine Liberovskaya's PhD degree in the Study and Practice of Art at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal)

Two sets: - Liberovskaya (live video) / Niblock (live sound collage); - Liberovskaya (live video) / First (live guitar and laptop)

Jan. 9, 2012, NewIdeas MusicSeries XVI at Pianos on Ludlow, free admission
(158 Ludlow / Stanton), Produced by Michael Vincent Waller michaelvincentwaller.com/newideas-musicseries
Phill Niblock (1030PM) Valence Long (for 75 violas) with Pauline Kim and Conrad Harris Live (46 minutes); Hurdy Hurry (15 minutes)

Elizabeth Hoffman (830PM) New Work - TBA - (for taragato and electronics) with Esther Lamneck

Michael Waller (930PM) Trombone Too, for Five (for trombone duo + 3 tape trombones) with William Lang and Tucker Dulin


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