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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Early Summer - a few events 

City Sonics
a sonic journey through the city
Mons (Belgium)
14 June > 31 July 05
open 2 > 6 pm closed on Monday
curator: Philippe Franckorganized by Transcultures
www.citysonics.be (online end of May)
info: + 32 2 5440877

with installations by Christophe Bailleau, Patrick Corillon, Jerome Deuson,

Veaceslav Druta, Isa Belle, Richard Kalich, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz, Manuela Morgaine, Phill Niblock, Eric Pellet, Colin Ponthot,

Yann Rocher, Sub Rosa, Aliocha et Boris Van Der Avoort, Eric Van Osselaer, Denys Vinzant, Stevie Wishart et Jon Wozencroft + Rosy Parlane...

The Phill Niblock installation will be shown at the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, 51 boulevard Dolez 7000 Mons (salle academique, 1st floor). It will be two projected images of the project "The Movement of PeopleWorking", with sound from 5 CDs of Niblock's music played in rotation.

Du 15 au 19 juin 2005 Montevideo
GRIM (Groupe de Recherche et d'Improvisation Musicales),
Marseille, France

Dimanche 19 juin
19h00 Bouche Oreilles
20h30 Concert de Chris Brown et Sergi Jorda
+ Concert Phill Niblock et Thomas Ankersmit
Everyday beween 14h00 and 16h30 - musicians meeting.

28 giugno 2005 - ore 21,00
Ex chiesa Noviziato dei Crociferi, Via Torremuzza, Palermo, Sicily
Biglietto Ae 8,00 - Ridotti e Soci Antitesi Ae 4,00
Produced by Domenico Sciajno and Claudia Moriniello
(Tuesday, 28 June)


Suono e diffusione composizioni elettroacustiche + video image
Video, sincrono ed elaborazione sequenze in tempo reale

ANTITESI www.antitesi.org . info@antitesi.org
Centro di autodocumentazione ricerca e sviluppo interdisciplinare per 'ArteNuova
XS [n.o.s.a.] n o t _ o n l y _ s o n i c _ a c t s

Stazione di Topol n Postaja Topolove
XII edizione
dal 2 al 17 luglio (July)
Topol n Topolove di Grimacco (ud)
0432 725062 / 725015
The Producers: Donatella Ruttar and Moreno Miorelli

Topolo is a small village on the Italian/Slovenian border near Udine Italy,where there is an annual festival for two weeks, and where many artists ofall disciplines are invited to create site-specific works and share theirwork with others.

Forty inhabitants of a village at the end of the road, without a shopor cafe, without bus or train connections. This is Topolovo or Tapoluove as it is called in the local Slovenian dialect that is spoken here ever since the early medieval period.

progetti per il paese di Topol-Topolove realizzati da:

Jim Bell montreal
Tiziana Bertoncini e Thomas Lehn pisa, koln
Angelica Castello wien
Piermario Ciani bertiolo
Cym walkersdorf
Alessandro Fogar grado
Giambotta Projekt topol-topolove
Elisenia Gonzalez san pietro al natisone
Stefano Graziani venezia
Aleksander Ipavec trst
Rossana Lacala e Paolo Del Forno milano
Luca Laureati udine
Katherine Liberovskaya montreal
Phill Niblock new york
Primoz Oberzan ljubljana
Oreledigneur vimercate, mersino
Andrea Pertoldeo rivignano
Bostjan Potokar e Rene Rusjan ljubljana
Maria Gilda Primosig hlodic
Janko Rozic ljubljana
Matteo Sommacal roma
Urkuma tuglie
Louise Zamparutti seattle
Piero Zanini trento

(below, the events involving Niblock and Liberovskaya)
domenica 10 a seguire - Hurdy Hurry (16 min; 2003)corto di Katherine Liberovskaya, musica di Phill Niblock

mercoled 13
a seguire - Video mixingImprovvisazione per video e strumento solistacon
Katherine Liberovskaya e ...sabato 16
a seguire, dopo il tramonto - Performance of music and filmsmusiche e immagini dal vivo con Phill Niblock

domenica 17 verso le sei della sera - Musica per il mare di Topoloconcerto di Angelica Castello(musiche di Phill Niblock, Angelica Castello, Fausto Romitelli)dal tramonto - in pi punti del paese'Topolo: from the Past into the Future' ('Topolo: de Passato a Avvenire') - A video-audio in-situoutdoor installation, complete version.
Sync-sound video: Katherine Liberovskaya
Supplementary audio: Phill Niblock

At Ostrava (CZ) Days 2005, "Tow by Tom" is scheduled to be performed on August 23 at 8pm. This is a new Phill Niblock piece for two orchestras. The score was prepared by Volker Straebel.
This is the third session of Ostrava Days (2001, 2003, 2005), produced byPetr Kotik, with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.

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CDs and DVDs
Sample from the recently released The Movement Of People Working (11.3 MB)
Music and video available at Forcedexposure.com

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