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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

niblock in new york 

This is the official Roulette press mailing message for my october concerts
there. a bonus ihttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifs the notice for lois vierk's concert on the 21st.

please come
phill niblock
October Concerts 2007

20 Greene St. (between Canal and Grand) 2 blocks west of Broadway
8:30 PM $15 at the Door
DTW members
students, seniors: $10
Reservations: 212.219.8242
Roulette & Location One, members free
www.roulette.org www.location1.org
.. http://www.roulette.org/blog/index.php
also..check out.. http://myspace.com/rouletteintermedium

*******3 Nights of Phill Niblock (well, the asterisks are mine, pn)

Thursday, October 18

"Guitar too, for Four " (1996, 30:20) Rafael Toral, Robert Poss, Susan
Stenger, David First, guitars played with E-bows (samples used to make the
piece); playing the version with added tracks by Rafael Toral

"Stosspeng" (59 minutes, 2007) for two guitars in stereo; Susan Stenger and
Robert Poss, electric guitars and electric basses, recorded samples
This piece was completed on April 28, and premiered at the Donau Festival
in Krems Austria on April 30, 2007

Susan Stenger and Robert Poss, guitars, play live on both pieces

Friday, October 19

Video / Sound Collaboration - Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
Live Video by Katherine Liberovskaya, and Live mixing of audio pieces by
Phill Niblock
In this live set Niblock mixes among audio pieces based on diverse field
recordings which are very different from his music compositions;
Liberovskaya mixes video with Jitter/Max/MSP from a vast personal database
of clips shot over the past fifteen years

"A new piece for Organ" (Premier) - Material recorded May 1 2007 at a
baroque church in Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria, Emanuel Schmelzer-Ziringer,

"Three Orchids", for three orchestras (2003, 23 min) - Played by Trio
Scordatura plus One - Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob
Gilmore, synthesizer; plus Guy De Bievre, dobro (recorded at Amplus, in
Aaigem, Belgium, August 13 & 14 2007); all four musicians playing live with
the recording

"4 Chorch +1," for chorus and orchestra and solo baritone voice (23
minutes); the recording from the premier performance at Ostrava New Music
Days in the Czech Republic, August 28 2007; plus musicians playing live -
Tom Buckner, baritone and the Trio Scordatura plus One

Saturday, October 20

Six Pieces for Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu and saxophones, all played in one
evening, with Ulrich playing live as well
"Didjeridoos and Don'ts" (1992, 13:30), Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu
"Ten Auras Live" (1994, 21:20), Ulrich Krieger, tenor saxophone
"Sea Jelly Yellow" (24 min, 2001) Ulrich Krieger, baritone saxophone
"Parker's Altered Mood, aka, Owed to Bird" (16:25; 2004) Ulrich Krieger,
alto saxophone
"Alto Tune" (25:08; 2004) Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone
"Sax Mix" (25:08, 2004) Ulrich Krieger, alto, tenor and baritone saxes
(this is a mix of Ten Auras, for tenor sax; Sea Jelly Yellow, for baritone
sax; and Alto Tune, for alto sax. (About 85 channels/tracks.)

Sunday, October 21st

Lois V Vierk

Chamber Music

Live taping for Roulette TV

the relentless energy of her finely honed pieces can prove thrilling - the
musical equivalent of white-water rafting." ~ The New Yorker

Selections and performers for this concert include Ms. Vierk's Manhattan
Cascade , with accordionist Guy Klucevsek and 3 recorded accordions, Demon
Star , performed by Jody Redhage, cello and Matthew Gold, marimba, Words
Fail Me (1st movement), with Jody Redhage, cello and Sachiko Kato, piano
Io , performed by flutist Margaret Lancaster, electric guitarist Larry
Polansky and marimbist Matthew Gold. All of these works were written
1984 and 2005.

see http://www.roulette.org/events/ for more details

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