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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

2001: Phill Niblock activities / events during the year  

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Jan 19, New York - Cable Access, Channel 56, 11pm; Phill Niblock television program of music and video; players on camera: Alan Licht, David First, Roger Kleier, guitar; Phill Niblock, computer/sampler; host and interviewer Phoebe Legere, produced by Roulette Intermedium

Jan 22, Brussels - PN concert at Kaaistudiotheater, produced by "audio-incident"; Stevie Wishart, hurdy gurdy; Jim Denley, flute; Guy De Bievre, guitar

Feb 5, Edinburgh - PN Concert at Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art, co-sponsored by Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens; Thomas Buckner, voice; Matt Rogalsky and Robert P. Lee, guitars (Lee on electric violin)

Feb 8, London - PN set as part of an Ash International and Touch event - Sprawl, at the Global Cafe, with artists Heitor, Hazard (of Stockholm), S.E.T.I; produced by Mike Harding and Jon Wozencroft, with Iris Garrelfs of Sprawl / Bit tonic

Mar 24 & 25, Quincerot, Burgogne, France - PN installation, C.R.A.N.E. festival (Via#7)

Mar 30, Paris - PN concert /installation at Via#7, Studio Multitude; Ulrich Krieger, saxophone and didjeridu; Guy de Bievre, guitar

Apr 2, Paris - PN recording at CCMIX/ UPIC with Ulrich Krieger, baritone saxophone, Stefano Bassanese, engineer; Gerard Pape, director

Apr 3, Paris - PN recording with Carol Robinson, clarinets

Apr 9, Paris - PN recording with Kasper Toeplitz, electric bass and Reinhold Friedl, piano

Apr 25, Paris - CCMIX, recorded live parts with Robinson & Toeplitz, edited and mixed Toeplitz / Yam almost May

Apr 14, Grenoble, France - PN concert at "Le 102" club, with Dean Roberts, a set for each, Dean played guitar on G2,44; PN played a test for a new piano piece, done the afternoon before

May 18, Chicago - PN lecture / demo at Northwestern University Music Department, with Amnon Wolman

May 19, Chicago - PN concert produced by Lampo at the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago; with Thomas Buckner, voice; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello; Niki Mitchell, flute; PN, computer

May 21, Pittsburgh - PN concert at the Mattress Factory; Thomas Buckner, voice and Don Metz, guitar; PN, computer

May 23, Buffalo - PN Concert at Burchfield Penney Art Gallery, NY State College at Buffalo; Thomas Buckner, voice and Don Metz, guitar; PN computer

May 31, London - PN concert of music and video, at Soundings - New Music at the Cochrane Theatre; Hurdy Hurry and 3 to 7 -196, with Anton Lukoszevieze, cello

Jun 2, Lisbon - PN concert, The INTERMEDIA MEETINGS: Lugar Comum, Fabrica de Povora, Barcarena, playing 3 to 7-196 (1974) and Sweet Potato, Yam almost May, Pan Fried

Jun 3, Lisbon - PN concert, same place; with the guitarists Oren Ambarchi, Margarida Garcia, Manuel Mota

June 14, New York - PN concert "Music at the Anchorage", Presented by Creative Time in the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side; with Thomas Buckner, voice; and [the Guitar Army] - Alan Licht, Robert Poss, Michael Schumacher, Richard Lainhart, David First, and David Watson

Jun 30, Berlin - PN concert at Parochialekirche in the Format 5 festival; Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu & tenor sax

Jul 4, Berlin - opening of PN installation - "Light / Sound Patterns - Video-Sound-Installation" at Singuhr Gallery, Parochialkirche (exhibition July 4 - 15) in the festival Format 5

Jul 21, Mexico City - PN concert at the Museum Ex-Teresa Arte Actual - Sound Art Festival

Jul 24, Brussels - PN concert at Les Bains Collective with the ensemble Q 02; with video collaboration by Els van Riel

Jul 29, Paris - PN performance at Placard #4 / Buro - 12 headphones from 4 to 5am, a 72 hour non-stop festival of one hour events broadcast to two sets of 12 headphones

Jul 31, Paris - PN performance at Batofar, club/boat on the Seine River, as part of Buro / Placard#4 end of festival

Aug11, Schrattenberg (Austria) - PN performance in Hotel Pupik 01 festival, Schwarzenberg'schen Meierei Schrattenberg

Aug19, Cimelice CZ - PN plays Hurdy Hurry for demo at Cimilece, the artist residency location for the Foundation and Center for Contempoary Arts, Prague, at a meeting of the Cimelice resident artists and artists of the residency program of CESTA in Tabor, CZ

Aug 21, Pilzen, CZ - PN performance at "Moving Station Festival" in an old train station in Pilzen

Aug 22, Prague - PN installation of SP 12,5,6 and Five More String Quartets (parts of 12 & 5 were photographed in Prague) and a concert at Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague, curated by Milos Vojtechovsky

Aug 30, Ostrava, CZ - PN orchestra piece, "Disseminate", played by Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra (Ostrava, Czech Republic), conducted by Petr Kotik; and a morning presentation/ concert by PN, with music and computer images and video, Tom Buckner voice, in the festival Ostrava New Music Days

Sept 3, Cork - PN concert at the Vision Center, sponsored by the Triskel Art Center, Cork

Sept 7, Waterschei (Genk), Belgium - "IM, on very special, brief occasions" a festival of exhibitions and performances sponsored by EI, Gent; FLACC, Genk; Voorkamer, Lier; in an abandoned coalmine building; many concerts and exhibitions

Sept 8, Waterschei - "IM", PN concert of films and music, with Stevie Wishart, Hurdy Gurdy; and Guy De Bievre, guitar

Sept 9 - "IM", continued exhibitions, PN shows the film "The Magic Sun" , with the Sun Ra Arkestra

Sept 22, Hamburg - PN concert at the Rote Flora, 4 hours, with guitarists: Peter Imig, Robert Engelbrecht, Fung Li, Markus Lipka

Sept 27, Frankfurt - PN concert at Pol Festival, Mousonturm, recorded by Hessicher Rundfunk

Sept 28, Coimbra, Portugal - PN concert (3 hours), "Festival International de Musica Experimental de Coimbra" produced by Camara Municipal de Coimbra

Sept 30, Coimbra - PN concert/lecture/demo - Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, and the film "The Magic Sun" , with the Sun Ra Arkestra

Oct 13, Paris - PN concert at ADAC, sponsored by CCMIX, premieres of two pieces - "Sweet Potato", Carol Robinson, clarinets; and "Yam almost May", Kasper Toeplitz, electric bass; and G2,44 played by Guy De Bievre and Kasper Toeplitz, guitars

Oct 14, London - PN concert at the Barbican Center, London, "Cinema Auricular" series, curated by Mark Webber; with guitarists Mark Webber, Matt Rogalsky, Robert P. Lee, Jem Finer

Oct 18, Montreal - PN concert at FCNM (International Festival New Cinema New Media) as part of the "Touch" night at the Media Lounge; Rafael Toral, guitar; also sets by Hazard and Toral, and visuals by Jon Wozencroft

Nov 1, New York - PN concert, with Thomas Buckner, voice and David First, guitar, as part of

"From the Ashes" at C.U.A.N.D.O. 9 Second Avenue

Nov 9, New York - PN live, at WKCR, 9pm - the Columbia University radio station

Nov 23, New York - PN on Roulette TV, Channel 56, 11pm (repeat of January 19 show)

Dec 3, Brooklyn - Lecture / demo at Brooklyn College Electronic Music Studios, Music Department, with Douglas Cohen

Dec 21, New York - PN in the Twelfth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A), six hours of music and film/video, at Experimental Intermedia

Other things:

Article on Phill Niblock in "The Wire" Magazine, London, written by Rahma Khazam, photos by Kareem Black, March issue

Touch #49, a CD of music by Phill Niblock, with "Hurdy Hurry" for hurdy gurdy, samples by Jim O'Rourke; and "A Y U" for voice, Thomas Buckner, baritone; www.touch.demon.co.uk; published in March

Realization of a 45 second piece for the "Ringtones" collective project for a "Touch" CD, in collaboration with Guy de Bievre

PN Remix of a piece by Oren Ambarchi from a recent "Touch" CD, for a remix collection of his work
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